Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Was so hoping

But not very optimistic.

About what?

About maybe being pregnant on my own....

But I highly doubt it.


Because....I can feel myself loosing control of my temper.

Ava is pushing EVERY.SINGLE.BUTTON I have right now and has been since I picked her up and I'm starting to loose control.

I'm beginning to think I might need to take my doctor's suggestion to heart and maybe start anti-depressants during this time of my cycle.

But I really was hoping.....

That maybe

Just maybe

Nature would be kind to me.


  1. Hi Kristen

    I popped over from MckMama's Community. I spent some time reading through your blog and just wanted to send you a note of encouragement.

    I am sorry you are having a rough day and time in your life right now. I struggled with issues with my boys when they were younger. Wondering why I didn't enjoy being with them all the time. Why they drove me nuts so much of the time. I loved my boys but some days I just couldn't stand them. I went to counseling and got professional help. It took awhile but the antidepressant I took helped, having a supportive and loving husband helped and realizing I was not June Cleaver helped a lot.

    Good job in taking some me time out of your day. I started giving myself time outs when things got rough and oh what a difference they made for me.

    I wish I could give you a hug or share a cup of tea with you. If you ever want to chat, drop me a note. Are you on Facebook? We could chat live on that. (Name on FB is Alice Nelson Workentin).

    Take care. Your new friend. Ali

  2. Hugs, sweetie. I totally lost it once with Mason when I was pg w/ Addie (it was really. ugly.) and I remember thinking that I did not deserve the child I was carrying if I could act that way towards my other child. I remember thinking that if something happend to the pregnancy that I would deserve it. Good thing that children forgive and that God forgives. It's always so much harder to forgive ourselves.