Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's talk...Make up

Today's post is going to be about make up.  I wear make up  I don't think I look made fact, most days I feel like you can't even see my make up.

What do I use?  Most days I use this
  as my foundation.  I mix two shades together.

Recently, I started using this, which I really like as well.

 This is the Primer I use, when I remember to use a primer.

All of the rest of my makeup (except my mascara, which I'll get to) comes from Everyday Minerals .  See, I have very sensitive eyes.  I am highly allergic to eye make up with red dye in it and unfortunately, most make up contains red dye.  I have found that Everyday Minerals is the only place I can get my eye shadow.  Back in January I tried Bare Minerals Eye make up in the compacted form and had such a horrendous allergic reaction that I was on steroid drops and no make up for almost two months.  So, for now on, I stick with what I know.

Here is what I received recently.

The eye shadows can be a bit messy but it's all good, just put a towel down in the sink when doing your make up.

I use  this eyeliner and mascara...I don't dare deviate for fear of allergic reaction.

Odd, I can't find my eyeliner.  Oh well.

My problem still can't tell I have make up on.

I need to go shower (which will of course result in the phone call I've been waiting for) and take a picture when I'm done and scare you all to death!

What kind of make up do you like?



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hair styles

My "friend" Cyndi Spivey over at Walking in Grace and Beauty posted today about hair styles for women over 40.  This is a great topic for me to read because..well...I am actually over 40.  I know...I know....I don't look it do I???  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

But I am.  I'm almost 42...EEECCCCKKK.

I recently cut and colored my hair.  I went from short to shorter and from "desperately need a dye job blonde" to red.  It was REALLY dark red almost burgundy when Kim first cut it and I was scared.  Ava, my 5 year old saw me as she got off the bus, ran home, hid, and cried for an hour.  It's since faded nicely and I like the color but the cut?  Not so sure about it to be honest with you.  I wish I had a decent picture to share with you.  Wait, maybe I can ask my husband to take a quick picture and upload it.  Hold on.

(Play Jeopardy music here) here I am in all of my glory....don't mind the fact that it doesn't look like I have any make up on at all.  We tackle that another day.

So, there is my color and I love it but the cut....not so much.

This is what I was going for.  Doesn't really look much the same. 

Personally, I think what SHOULD happen is that when I bring in a picture of a hair style, a) my hair cut should look JUST LIKE it and b) I should look just like the photo I bring in.

Now...I look NOTHING like Ginnifer Goodwin.

If you look at my Pinterest board on Hair styles all that I have pinned are short hair styles.  The two long ones on there are for color reference only.

I just don't know what to do.  I think my face might be too long for such a short cut.

What do you all think?