Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crushing words

I received a physically and mentally crushing email from my brother yesterday that has left my sick to my stomach and emotionally devastated.

Apparently my brother feels that I am a horrible parent, horrible daughter and a horrible wife.  So much so that he has to put all of his pent up feelings in an email that crushed me.

He called out my parenting skills, I embarrassed him and the rest of my family and I'm a horrible daughter.  I'm selfish and inconsiderate to my mom and everyone around me.

Life must be so beautiful from his ivory tower looking down on all his subjects below him.  Pity the fools who doesn't fit into his perfect marriage, with his perfect wife and his perfect childre.

I have no idea where this leaves us.  But he doesn't want to be around me or my family.

My husband is livid.  Furious.  Disgusted that my own brother would be so cruel to me and call him out as well.

What do I do?  I'm sick to my stomach...I can't stop crying. 


  1. Sorry. That is rough. I could tell you to forget it, but that's obviously easier said than done and it doesn't take the hurt away. Good luck...

  2. Oh no, Kristen! How horrible! I'm so sorry this happened. Do you know what set him off? I think you should confront him about it all. It's not fair or right that he should send you such a scathing email instead of talking with you about things face-to-face. Very cowardly. I'm so sorry!!!

  3. Kristy, apparently something has been brewing for a while....and this weekend was the straw that broke the camels back.

    I sent him an email back....but I don't know if this relationship can be salvaged.

  4. Kristen,

    So sorry that this happened. Sometimes people do not realize how hurtful they are and it is especially hurtful coming from a family member. You do the best you can, thats all you can do, none of us are perfect.

    Big hugs!!