Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Me time.....guilt free

I met with my therapist last night and among other things we discussed "Me" time....more importantly, guilt free "me" time.

Part of what got me in trouble with Hubby before Christmas was the fact that I was annoyed that he sat and watched a football game all afternoon leaving defenseless with G and A and getting nothing done.  And what really annoyed me more than anything was the fact that I would never even think to ask for that kind of time in the middle of weekend day to just sit and do nothing.....

But, the more I think about it....the more I do actually deserve it and NEED it.

Now, I'm not talking every weekend but maybe 1/2 a day or one day a month....I need "ME" time.  Time to do whatever I want.  Go to Home Goods or the quilt store alone or with my mom.  Go to Barnes and Noble and just read.  And I'm sure if I ask for it, I'd get it.

So, what's the problem then you ask?

The problem is the guilt part.  I feel guilty for asking for it.  Hubby never asks for "me" time or quiet time.  Maybe he doesn't need it.

But, ya know what?  I do.  And I'm going to muster up the courage to ask for it.  Then I'm going to do it.  And I'm going to put my phone away.  No texting hubby to find out if he's ok with the girls or if the girls are ok with him.  He's their father and he can handle them.

So, tonight I'm going to ask hubby for two things.  First, I'm going to ask for my cleaning lady back and second I'm going to ask for at least 4 hours once a month...of "me" time.

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