Thursday, March 24, 2011

haven't done much lately

I've been so tired lately.....I'm still fighting a horrible cough and should try to go to the doctor's but I just can't fnd the time.  The cough just drains me.

Also we have a lot of projects going on around the house...we moved our laundry room to the basement and converted the old laundry room to a pantry.  Most of my pantry goods are in there but it's no where near as organized as I had dreamed.  I guess it's a work in progress.

We are debating removing a cabinet in the kitchen that blocks the view into our eating area.  I'd use the old pantry in the kitchen to store the plates, et al so I'm not worried about storage....i'm worried about it turning into a bigger task than I want John to take on. But it would so open up the kitchen.

I'm also now dealing with (and do just about the same time every month) a personal issue that DRIVES ME CRAZY!  I need to figure out what to do about this.  Either a call to the doctor but I'd like to figure out how to control this so I'm not dealing with it every.single.month.

We have a new vision plan and I can't just go to Lens Crafters and get new glasses and I want new glasses.  So, i have to find a little boutique that accepts my vision plan and look for glasses.  Maybe tomorrow.

I had my 6 month review at work a few weeks ago and it went well and I got a raise...that was unexpected.  I also proposed yesterday, and it was accepted, to work from home two afternoons a week.  I'd also be taking G out of her afternoon program at school and let her ride the bus home.  This way, while I'm home 'working', I can get some laundry done and work on dinner.

Speaking of dinner, UGH, something's gotta give.  I don't like cooking or eating for that matter (tho my scale would tell you differently).  It's hard to find something everyone will eat.  I ordered a cookbook the other day, and I need to get back to menu planning.

We are leaving for SC in two weeks, well actually a week from this Saturday and I'm stressing.  It's snowing here but it's going to be warmer down there and I don't have anything to wear and neither does G.  I need to find another box of clothes in the attic too.

J and I have been going to see my therapist.  It's good.....we have been at a much better place lately.  I'm so lucky to still have him and that he still loves me.

Haven't discussed baby #3 in a while.  I have 5 months now to make a decision as my gyn doesn't think that the IVF place will allow me to use my own eggs after the age of 41.    I wish I could just make a decision.

I have started sewing the strips together for my master bedroom quilt but my machine was having a fit the other night.  I think I've fixed it.  I need to make A's dress this weekend.  G's isn't perfect but it was so inexpensive, I can easily make another.

Did I tell you?  I actually have nails!!!  I know...not really all that exciting but for me, it is!  I'm going for a mani and pedi this Saturday....and finally a haircut next week.

I've been purging clothes lately.  I have a lot...and a lot that I don't wear anymore.  Even clothes that have been purchased recently but are obviously mistakes.    I've already donated three bags to GoodWill and have another bag full in my bedroom.

Well, I suppose I should get to work......I have some stuff to do and I desperately need another cup of coffee.  Might call the doctor too about my "issue".

I hope to post some pictures this weekend....I've taken plenty...just haven't downloaded them from my camera yet!

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