Thursday, April 5, 2012

What do I want to be when I grow up?

So, three weeks ago I lost my job.  Now...I didn't want to work anymore anyways...but that's just not a reality for my hubby.  I need to find a job.

I've been in finance by mistake, for 15 years now and I haven't liked it since day one.  I'm not a numbers person.  I'm a person person.  I'm more visual, creative.

But what does one do when they have spent a significant portion of their adult life in a profession they don't like? 

How can I combine what I know...with my need for creativity?  And still earn a hefty salary?

Any and all suggestions are welcome.



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  1. I had to sigh when I read your post as I have been in law by mistake for 12 years and haven't liked it since day one. I also feel I am a more creative type. I've tried a few creative projects on the side but nothing really got off the ground as a money maker. Ive compromised by finding a part-time job in law working with people I like. I have more time for pursuing creative interests but still make more doing law part time than I would doing a creative endeavor full time. It also saves the stress of trying to generate financial gain out of an otherwise enjoyable past time.