Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's talk...Make up

Today's post is going to be about make up.  I wear make up  I don't think I look made fact, most days I feel like you can't even see my make up.

What do I use?  Most days I use this
  as my foundation.  I mix two shades together.

Recently, I started using this, which I really like as well.

 This is the Primer I use, when I remember to use a primer.

All of the rest of my makeup (except my mascara, which I'll get to) comes from Everyday Minerals .  See, I have very sensitive eyes.  I am highly allergic to eye make up with red dye in it and unfortunately, most make up contains red dye.  I have found that Everyday Minerals is the only place I can get my eye shadow.  Back in January I tried Bare Minerals Eye make up in the compacted form and had such a horrendous allergic reaction that I was on steroid drops and no make up for almost two months.  So, for now on, I stick with what I know.

Here is what I received recently.

The eye shadows can be a bit messy but it's all good, just put a towel down in the sink when doing your make up.

I use  this eyeliner and mascara...I don't dare deviate for fear of allergic reaction.

Odd, I can't find my eyeliner.  Oh well.

My problem still can't tell I have make up on.

I need to go shower (which will of course result in the phone call I've been waiting for) and take a picture when I'm done and scare you all to death!

What kind of make up do you like?



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