Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can't stop crying

I have no idea why I can't stop crying today.  But I can't.  UGH, I'm a mess.

I got the offer for the interview I went on the other day...and I can't turn it down.  I just can't.

But I was hoping to be able to see Grace off to school every morning on the bus and I won't be able to b/c the bus will pick her up at 8:30 and I have to be at work at now she'll have to do the Extended Day Program before and after school and that kills me.  It really does.

I'm crying because I will be working until 5 and then either John or I will have to get the girls and then dinner.......I don't want to go back to that stress again.

But I don't have a choice.

It's change...big change for me all happening at once. 

I hate change.

And I'm crying.

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