Friday, November 16, 2012

It's been a while

since I've last posted and I'm sorry.  Well, no one really reads this so I guess I'm apologizing to myself.

My husband has been working from home a lot lately.  The only place I can really write this blog is in the basement on the good PC with all the pictures.  If hubby is in the basement, I can't be here writing a blog.

Life has also gotten in the way. 

First there was Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy that wreaked havoc along the coast of NJ and NY and caused many issues in land as well.

My family survived just fine.  We lost one tree which, unfortunately, fell on my neighbors house.  They are fine.

The day after the storm, with no power in the house, hubby decided we should take a ride to check out my moms house and see if she had power.  She lives about 20 minutes away and rode out the storm with my brother.

While at my mom's house, I noticed that the neighbors had two trees on their house.  I don't know them but they are friendly with my mom and help her out.  I went over (alone, thank God) to make sure they were ok.

They opened the door and their Bull Dog attacked me.  Not just bit me....but attacked me.  Thank God that my girls didn't come with me or they would have been attacked.  I didn't think much of it at first...but at the suggestion of my mom, hubby took me to the ER to make sure everything was ok.  The family was mortified. 

I needed a tetnus shot and antibiotics (after a 3 hour wait).  Xrays to determine there was no bone damage or teeth left in my thigh.  I wish they had given me crutches because I really couldn't walk at all.  Four puncture marks and a lot of bruising.

Hubby picked me up from the ER and took me home.  Friends in PA offered us a place to stay so we packed up and left.  I was so grateful for a home cooked meal and a warm bed.

We stayed with friends until Thursday when we found out that my mom had power.  We needed to be closer to home because of the pets and all and if school opened.  We stayed until Saturday night when we heard the power was back on.  We packed up and headed home.  We were home for 20 minutes when the power went out again.  Packed up the car, left the animals and went back to my moms.

The power was restored the next day.

Next came the Nor'easter.  Thankfully we had only about an inch of snow.  My brother (about 45 minutes away) got 13.5 inches of snow and lost power again. 

The devastation from the storm is unbelievable.  Breezy Point, NY...burned, Sea Side destroyed.  My mother gets to go to her beach house tomorrow to check on the damage and turn the water off.  Natural gas has been turned off on the entire barrier island.  I am sure there is water in the house.  If that's the case, I'm not sure what she will do.  If she can't get in to clean up, mold will form and then what?  I think she needs to face the fact that she might need to tear the house down and rebuild.  So many people.....might have to do the same thing.

Following all of this was Ava's 6th birthday and in two weeks will be Grace's 8th.  How did they get so old?

Well, the laundry is calling me and I think I might go for a walk.  I have 30 lbs to loose by next year.

I promise I will try to post more often.



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