Friday, January 8, 2010


I know I said this post was going to be about friends but...I've been out of work for like 8 weeks now...with one

I hate finance....really hate finance...but it's all I've done for the past 10 years.  

So, what does one do?

How do you look for a new career when you have no idea what you want to be when you grow up? 

I went to career counselling at my MBA Alma Mater......and I took some personality tests (I scored an INFJ, very close to an ENFJ and either I or ENSJ).

I also took a Strong Interst Inventory Profile and I'm a SEA (social, enterprising, artistic).

What does that mean?  That means that I'm drawn to the following careers.....teaching, social sciences, human resources, health care administrator, social worker, photographer, designer.

Now...I have expressed interest in teaching...I LOVE photography and I love interior design.  However, I'm not good at the last two to make any sort of money out of it.  It's mostly a hobby.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be a photographer like McMamma and others but I'm not.  I have more luck than talent.

Teaching does interest me but I'm scared.  Yup...scared.....what if I don't like it?  What if I'm not good at it?  How do i get started?  What ages would I teach?  UGH......

Hubby told me this morning that I have to really make a concerted effort to find a career/job.  And he's right.  I can't sit around the house anymore.  I don't have Christmas as an excuse anymore.  I don't have anything as an excuse.  I'm going to have to take the girls out of daycare at some point too. do I look for a job?  And a career?

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  1. I know a stay-at-home mom who starting taking pictures of her kids, then of the pretty landscaping around her house and then sold them on From there she parlayed that into taking pictures of other people's kids.

    She loves it and is really good at it. Don't know how much she pulls in, but it seems like that she has a few sittings a week.

    Oh, and your career doesn't define who you are. You are a wonderful person, a great wife and mom. A career is just something you do to make some money.