Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've been on the verge of tears all day today and I haven't really been sure why....and then, while cleaning my hit me.  I'M SCARED.  TERRIFIED.  PETRIFIED.

This real estate thing is so different for me.  And I'm scared.  And right now, that is paralyzing me with fear.  I can't make up my mind.  For me, it would honestly be easier for someone to say to me "Kristen, you are to become a real estate agent".  That is your purpose in life.

I'm also terrified of the concept of adding a new baby to the family. 

So, in summary, right now, life is scaring the CRAP out of me.

Yeah, fun.

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  1. Regarding being a real estate agent, why not try? You have an opportunity to do something that you have an interest in. The market seems to be past bottom and is bound to come back at some point. It also seems that the houses around here are selling faster now, so why not try? Is there a lot at risk to try and do it?

    If you would like, I can introduce you to a friend's father who is a real estate agent, if you'd like to talk to him.