Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Moody Mumblings

It's Monday.

I'm moody (and no, I'm not PMSing)

And I'm going to mumble.

I can't find two rubbermaid containers that have my fall/winter clothes and pajama's in them.

I went shopping yesterday with a purse full of coupons and bought myself NOTHING!

It's cold and rainy.

My daughter told me yesterday that she hated me and today told me I was mean to her.  :(

My hair...............nouf said.

I'm bored at work.

Wonders...if an important decision is so hard to it the right decision?

I can't have the door in my hallway to the attic.  :(

I really want to finish the basement

I really want to paint the bedroom.

I miss my cleaning lady.

I might need to start looking for a new job and I just started this one.

I have baby on the brain.

I'm scared to talk to my hubby about my brother again...his reaction the last time was so EXTREME.

I'm tired.

I want to go home and clean and organize and find my clothes.

I miss my Smokey bear

I feel like crying

I'm in a mood, and it's Monday.

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