Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fumblings

Yeah!  It's Friday.  It's beautiful here despite the rain we  got this morning.

So, I'm not even really sure why I got my hopes up about being pregnant on my own.  I mean, it just ain't gonna happen.

And hubby and I haven't even made a decision on it yet.  We did have a very good discussion about it last week but no decision has been made...even tho I really want/need to know now.

After speaking with my therapist last night about it, I've come to this conclusion......

My family is perfect and complete right now.  I love my family and I would be happy to keep it just the way it is now. 

HOWEVER, there is room in my heart to welcome another member into this family and if that's what we decide...then I'll be happy.

It's just the waiting...ya know? 

I'm going to be 40 and not that 40 is old.....and I have no problem being 40 and being pregnant but I never saw myself as being 40 and getting pregnant.  Does that even make sense?  And does it really matter?  There are wonderful women out in the world who are 40 and pregnant.  Why can't I be one of them?

Work is going......most days there isn't enough to keep me busy all day, which is frustrating.  But it's a job I can do and my boss is really cool.  He comments on my Facebook postings and yesterday we played Wii Bowling and some Wii baseball.

I'm in the market for a pair of comfortable shoes to wear on the weekends...something I can walk around the mall in or aroun the zoo or whatever.  Bad shoes just suck.  They can ruin your day.  So, I'm looking for a good pair, willing to spend around $75 since I will wear them to death on the weekend.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I need a new haircut.  I've decided to let the front grow and keep the back short.  But the front is short that it has been in months and completely layered.  I hate it.  It looks like crap.  And I want it grown out NOW!  Gee, I don't have a problem with patience do I?

I'm trying to convince John that we should slowly start work on the basement.  I think we should get an electrician in to work on the electical panel and then get a quote on how much it would cost to have the basement framed out.  We know we want to finish it....hell, I've already got it planned out in my, let's do it...slowly.

I'd also like to get a quote to find out how much it would cost to have our master bedroom repainted.  I know it's something we can do ourselves but we really just don't have the time.  And the person is an aquaintance so I have no problem leaving him in the house to do it.  then John and I can do the molding ourselves maybe but if the painting could be would help.

I know...a lot of stuff going on.....and in all this mixture, John has a new job and he's still working his old one and it's causing him stress.  Plus, next week he has to go out to PA (about a 2.5 hour drive) and then to KY later in the week.

Well, I should probably get back to work.

Have a nice day.

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