Friday, November 12, 2010


Today is Friday!  Yeah, happy Friday.  Tomorrow we are having A's 4th birthday party at Build a Bear and then the kids are coming back to our house for pizza and cupcakes.  I have a LOT to do tonight...hope Hubby is up for the challenge.

Wednesday I was down, depressed, in a funk...near name it.  It was PMS....I could feel it building......but my mom called in the afternoon and I finally told her what was wrong...she could sense something anyways.

I talked to her about my brother.  We yelled, I cursed, I cried.  I slammed my office door.  But we got it out. 

Wednesday night I finally worked up the courage to talk to dear hubby about it.  And ya know what?  It didn't go all that badly.  He still doesn't want to see them....doesn't want to partake in Thanksgiving...however, if my brother and I can talk face to face and I can show to my brother and explain to him how much his words really did hurt and the damage that he did with them....then dear hubby might reconsider.

Hubby said that in hindsight, he's not really surprised by my brother's comments.  That my brother seems to live in a "perfect" world and not many people live up to his standards.  My mother has also told my brother and sister in law that their expectations of others is impossible.

I also asked hubby to join me in my latest counselling session and he agreed.  Yes, I am seeing a counselor....primarily because of this but also to try to deal with my general anxiety issues.

I have sent my brother and email and called him on my cell today requesting to speak to him face to face.  Iguess we'll see what happens.  The ball is in his court now.

I still get very anxious about this situation.  I loose my appetite....break out in hives....all that fun stuff....but I got what I needed to off my chest with my mom and with my hubby.


Have a great weekend.


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