Thursday, June 16, 2011


On a daily basis I struggle for balance.  Some days I succeed...others I do not.  Lately I've been feeling like I am not succeeding at all in my quest for balance.

What do I mean by balance? 

Do I hope to be able to walk across a balance beam without falling?  No...well, actually yes, but that isn't what I mean.

Do I want to be able to stand on one foot for more than a few seconds?  Absolutely!  But that's not what I mean either.

The balance I'm balking about is the age old Work/Life balance.  How do I satisfy the needs and wants of my family (and myself) with the responsibility of my job?

I'm lucky actually.  I have a very flexible job and a very cool and laid back boss.  I work from home two afternoons a week and for the most part, as long as my work gets boss doesn't care if I take time off to go visit Grace during her kindergarten picnic or see her kindergarten play.

Maybe I'm just waxing nostalgic.  Last summer I was home with the girls almost full time.  I loved it!  I really did.  Don't get me wrong.  It was difficult in the beginning because I really hadn't spent any length of time alone with the girls but we really did settle into a rhythm...and then....well, then I went back to work and Grace started kindergarten.

Things have been difficult lately because hubby's job is so insane.  He's on the computer first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  He's taking phone calls while we are trying to make dinner and during t-ball games.  Some days he leaves early and most days he's rushing Ava out the door to get her to daycare so he can begin his long commute to the office.

I'm starting to very much dislike mornings.  While Ava is usually up and at 'em....she is slow to get herself  along.  The other day I actually bribed Ava to get dressed, brush her teeth, brush her hair and make her bed.

Grace on the other hand, is impossible to get up.  She's so tired.....she won't get dressed by herself.

Most mornings I'm running around half dressed, no make up trying to get the girls ready.

It's not working anymore and it's just going to get worse. 

Grace's last day of school is Tuesday.  On Wednesday she starts summer camp at the same daycare as Ava.  Hubby and I will need to figure out who is going to bring them in and who is going to pick them up.  I can't handle anymore stress in the morning....forcing little girls out of bed to rush out of the house.  But I don't know what to do anymore either.

On top of it all....I am struggling to find time for hubby and time for myself.  I'd really like to start exercising...but when?  I love to read...but when?  I love to sew but when?

To do any of those things when the girls are still up denies them of precious mommy time.

This isn't even my all inclusive list.....I haven't mentioned dinner again in this post which I am still struggling with....

Any thoughts?  Advice?  Tips?  Suggestions?  Words of wisdom?



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  1. Kristen, thanks for stopping by & reading my daily ramblings! So nice to meet you. I love to create, so happy to have another space to transform.