Monday, June 6, 2011

This and That

It was a good weekend at home.  We took the girls to Build a Bear and I didn't shell out a dime!  Between gift cards and coupons I still have $8.00 left.  The girls were happy.  Then we got them ice cream.

We cleaned up the garage some so we could start cleaning out the basement.  My car will stay outside for the foreseeable future.

We have our construction permit and DH needs to call the contractors.  Not sure when they will start.  We have an electrician lined up too.  It's all falling into place.  In case you missed it, or even care, we are going to finish the basement as a play area for the girls, a sewing area for me and an office for John.  This way, I can reclaim the family room as a reading room and the guest room as...well, a guest room.

A is a huge helper when it comes to things like this.  She carried things up the stairs.....made decisions about what could and should be given away.  She helped DH sort thru recyclable stuff.  Where was G?  Taking a self imposed nap for 2.5 hours.  Kudos for knowing she needed one.

A and I went to the grocery store on Sunday and then we took the girls to the park after lunch and before starting work on the basement again.  We made a serious dent.

Haven't discussed anymore about the third baby thing.  I think just our indecision is a decision.  Will make me sad to get rid of all the baby stuff tho. :(

Still need to get into the attic and clean out old baby clothes and maternity clothes.


I have so many ideas running thru my head for the basement.  Color, curtains, storage...etc.  I'm excited.

I have decided that every week needs to be  four day work week.

I'm trying to decide if daily/season passes to Sesame Place are worth the expense.  Some say yes, some say no.  I can't go during the week......and the weekends just look jammed packed.

I wanted to sew this weekend but I have to iron fist and well, I just didn't get the chance during the day and had no energy to do ironing after the girls went to bed.  Maybe tonight.  I'd like to get the majority of the new quilt I'm making done.    I still have those patterns to work on before, ya know, the summer is over.

That's enough.

Have a great day!


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