Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I still hate my hair and other stuff.

It's been almost three weeks since I got my hair cut and I still hate it.  In fact, it's almost worse than before since it's growing out.  I don't like the color of it either.  I can't post any of this on Facebook either because my hairstylist is a "friend" of mine on Facebook.  However, she's not the one that gave me this cut.

With that said, I did get a compliment on it today...woman must have been smoking crack!  hahhahahahahahah

My mom hates her haircut too.....she texted me the other day and said we should both go out and get tattoo's and wigs!

I went to Kohl's today to return a bunch of tops that I bought that just looked horrible on me when I brought them home.  On my way out I decided to look thru the purses because, ya know, I wanted a new purse.  They were 40% off but I just couldn't justify the expense.....I wanted one, I didn't NEED one.

I got into my car and started to drive off when I realized I had coupons in my purse.  I drove back, found a purse, 40% off, got an additional 15% and an extra $5.00!  I got a $60 purse for $27!

Don't ya just love it?! 

Moving on....Grace had her last day of kindergarten yesterday and I must admit, I cried my eyes out.  She's growing up so fast...too fast!  She's back with Ava in the summer program at her former (and Ava's current) daycare.

The girls got their haircut this past weekend for the summer...

We went from this  to this

Don't ya just LOVE THE HAIRCUTS!?!  Grace says she never wants to go back to long hair.  Ava is asking when it will grow.  LOL.

I am absolutely BORED to death at work.  It makes for a very very VERY long day.  There are so many things I could be doing at home.  Like laundry....more laundry.....cutting out cute top patterns I've mentioned previously.......etc.  Maybe Friday afternoon...on my work from home afternoon.




  1. Love their cuts! I think short hair is just so much easier on girls. I know I'll be keeping Addie's hair short for as long as she'll let me!

  2. Ah, nothing like retail therapy to ease the pain of a less than perfect hair cut! Love it!