Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pictures on the beach

This past weekend, while John was on a golf weekend birthday gift, I took the girls to my mom's beach house.  I had an idea for a photo shoot.

My dear friend T in Alabama had sent the girls dresses that her girls had previously owned.  Grace and Ava would never really have a real opportunity to wear them for any occasion (we just aren't THAT formal).

So, getting to my idea....what if, just WHAT IF...I took the dresses to the beach and took pictures of the girls while flying a kite (they had to have fun while doing this).

The pictures are good...not great...but good.....

So, without any further ado.....enjoy.


  1. LOVELY!!
    Hey, I want to run on the beach in a fancy, party dress. Looks fab!
    Thanks for sharing!