Friday, July 15, 2011


I am tired tired tired today.  John is gone.....and I am tired.  Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

Wednesday was obviously a bad hair  day for me.  Yesterday was, not so bad.  See...  well, I guess you can't because for some reason I can't upload the file.  But I do actually look a bit better..helps to have color next to my face as well.  Today I have purple on.

I am in single mom mode for the next few days.  John is off golfing in VA...his birthday present from me and the girls.  I really don't mind being alone with the girls...sometimes it's easier.

Tomorrow we are headed to the beach.  I have an idea for a photo shoot for the girls...let's hope they cooperate.

It's my work from home afternoon. YEAH!  I get to finally make the laundry....listen to music....

Last night after John left the girls and I went to Pennington Quilt Works....yesterday started their clearance sale and they were open late.  I got some Amy Butler fabric to make pillow cases for the new sofa for the basement and the girls each got three fat quarters.  I made their dolls sleep sacks out of two of the fat quarters.  They want pillows for the third piece but I'm not really sure how to go about and do that.

I haven't cut out the patterns for the tops yet either.  I looked at them and well...maybe next summer.  :(  I'm just not comfortable with my skills to try it on my own.

I finished my Amy Butler quilt top last week.  Mom took it earlier this week...will trim it up....and get the back on and take it for quilting sometime soon (if she can pull herself away from the beach house).

Speaking of beach house, I am taking the girls there tomorrow morning for the weekend.  Should be fun!



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