Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sometimes....I feel like packing up my girls and my hubby and moving away.

But I can't.  But I feel like that.  If it weren't for my mom being so close I'd seriously talk about it with my hubby.

Where would I move too?  Well, I don't know....somewhere with a longer span of warmer weather.....more mild winters....

I want small town charm.  I don't need a huge lawn, just have to spend more time mowing and working on it. 

I want to be able to walk to the library or the hardware store or a nice play ground...or even to school.  I mean, I can walk to a yucky playground at the moment and I can walk to Grace's school (which I love) but where I live now is not my ideal town.

I want to be able to ride bikes and fly kites and...slow down.

I want to see this  and this .

It seems that I am no longer close to my family.  Since the fall out with my brother I haven't spoken to him or his wife since May.  I haven't seen my cousin since May either.  And ya know what?  As sad as it is...I don't really care.

Hubby hasn't spoken to his sister since April.  We haven't seen her in almost a year.  i still have her Christmas presents.

I'm tired of family drama and garbage.  I know it sounds like I want to run away...and maybe I do....but I really just want to slow down.  I want to make new friends...I want to have a group of friends who will call me over to sew or have tea or play dates.

Sometimes I just want to move away.

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  1. I would suggest lovely Bozeman ~ our summers are the best, but it's the 8 months of winter we both can do without, right??