Wednesday, October 19, 2011


it is raining (we are supposed to get up to 3 inches of rain

I over slept by about 45 minutes.  I got up and turned off Grace's alarm....and crawled back into bed

I woke up with a large swollen scratch across my knee which burned in the shower

I am tired

I have on GAP jeans (which are a tad too long but feel good in the waist) and a GAP shirt and three inch peep toed shoes

I want to go look for shoes.  I have a pair to return and then will go into DSW.  I have coupons

I don't feel like working (never really do but I really don't feel like working)

i ran out of my coffee at work.  I don't drink regular real coffee like most people.  I like General Foods International Coffee in Suiss Mocha.

It's 11:05am and I haven't done much at all

I left the house with none of the beds made.  I did mention that I woke up late right?

I wrote in my Gratitude Journal.

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