Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ambitious or nuts?

After I purchased my sewing machine back in January, I went a bit crazy, ok HOG WILD, searching for patterns and material, especially Amy Butler, from Ebay.

I purchased these patterns Amy Butler Tunic and this Amy Butler Halter Top

Well, since I can't sew my quilt at the moment because I've run out of cut material and I need to wait to see my mom to help me cut more material (pathetic, I know), I decided to go to Joann Fabrics today buy material to make these for me and the girls.  I bought enough material (maybe even more than enough) to make me both tops and one top for each of the girls.  I had to buy zippers and elastic.  I've never sewn with either!

Of course I still have the other dresses to make...with the material skirts and T-shirt tops.  But these tops are too cute to sit as patterns forever in the lonely, dark drawers of my sewing desk.

But, ya wanna hear the funny thing?  Ssshhhh, it's secret (sort of like how I failed accounting in grad. school and here I am working as a controller) but no, I digress.  My secret?  I've never sewn anything from a pattern before.  EVER!!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!

I'm nuts, I know.  I tried to pick the cheapest material possible so that if I messed up...well, it's just yardage.  But still, I'd really like to NOT mess up.  YKWIM???

So, am I ambitious or just plain ole' Nutso?

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