Monday, May 16, 2011


  • Had a great (expensive) weekend in Newport with Hubby for our anniversary.  Did LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of walking, napped, ate, walked some more!
  • I missed the girls TERRIBLY but they had a great time with Grammy.  In fact, after we brought them home, G was hysterically sobbing that she missed Grammy so much.  That girl has such a HUGE heart.
  • I'm not sure, actually, I am sure, I don't like my haircut.  I have an appointment in 2.5 weeks for a trim but we have to work on this.
  • While shopping at an outlet mall yesterday, I suddenly got very...I don't know...sad, funky.  I'm back into my "I'm 40 and don't know how to dress casually" mood.  I looked like such a schlumpadink walking around Newport on Saturday. ...but seriously, how does one look nice and stay comfy?
  • Won't someone nominate me for What Not to Wear?  PLEASE????????
  • I'm so worried about John.  Work is stressing him out so badly.  He's not sleeping.....he's short with the girls.
  • I picked up a Rx for an anti-depressant.  I'm not sure i'm going to take it.  It's a very low dose and my dr wants me to break it in half and see if it just takes the edge off.
  • I'm still teetering on the edge about the baby thing......I'm fairly certain it won't happen and it makes me sad.  Am I nuts.
  • Today is my 13th Wedding anniversary.  It has not been an easy 13 years for us...not at all....but I'm hoping what doesn't tear us apart will only make us stronger.
  • I saw a HUGE spider in G's school today.  YUCK.
  • I have so many pictures to download.
  • I need/want to sew.
  • I don't want to be at work today....or ever.  Oh well.
  • I'm tired...tired, tired, tired.

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