Monday, May 16, 2011


I've always gotten into funks and it appears I'm in one now.  I felt it starting yesterday.  I was so excited to go to the Outlet Mall on our way home from Newport...but once started.  In fact, I think I even cried on the way home....  I don't know why.

It's almost like I'm having an identity crisis.  A petty, stupid identity crisis.  Does that make sense?

I am not happy with my haircut at the moment but can't do anything about it (and even then, not sure WHAT do do about it) until next weekend.

My work clothes are fine but my casual clothes...are lacking.  I'm 40 but don't look it....what does a 40 year old mom of two dress like?  What am I supposed to wear?  I bought an outfit a few month ago at Old Navy and every time I put it on I think..."Lord Kristen, you are too old for this outfit".  I don't want to look like a 20 something bimbo with kids.  But what should I be wearing?

I spent, lord, I don't know how much money today on magazines to try to identify my style.  My book Simple Abundance recommends this strategy to try to find your style.  Then, I will have to try to figure out how to accomplish said style/look inexpensively.

This weekend in Newport I felt like I looked like a schlub or what Oprah has called in the past, a schlumpadink.  It was cold, in the 50's and we were walking.  How is it possible these woman/girls could look so put together?

Several years ago Redbook magazine had a question posed.....What is your greatest fashion question?  I took the bait and wrote in that I wanted to know how to look stylish and fashionable while on vacation, trekking around in the heat chasing after two kids.  I look back at pictures from the first time in Disney with the girls and my mom and I am MORTIFIED by what I see.  I was THIS close to being chosen......THIS close.  But I wasn't. 

I'm still asking that question.

I'd love hair that worked, clothes that looked age appropriate and stylish, makeup that didn't melt.

STACY AND CLINTON where are you???????

I wish I wasn't so hung up on these things.  I really do...but I am.
Anyone care to play Stacy and Clinton and clean out my closet for me?  Or give me the $5,000 I need for a new casual wardrobe?

Please?  Pretty please?

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