Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Control Freak, OCD, nut name it

I have a feeling I'm a control freak.  Or I suffeer from OCD...or I'm just a certifiable nut job....and believe me, I mean these references to myself in the nicest way possible and I mean no disrespect to those out there who might actually suffer from any of these disorders.

So, you are now asking why I call myself such things.  Well....because something just  Not all the time......but sometimes.

For instance....hubby and I have a habbit of dumping EVERYTHING onto our kitchen countertops.  I mean EVERYTHING.....lunch boxes, papers, stuff, crap, you name it.   We don't have really any other spot for it.  And I can hadle it for a day or two.....but then  The other day hubby decided to finally cut up some fruit.  He put a cutting board down...right next to all the papers and crap that were spread out....and it just  I piled up all the papers and plopped them on the dining room table. Yes, I'd rather they be there then on my countertops.

Furthermore, I CANNOT STAND IT, when hubby takes meat out to defrost and leaves it (albeit on a plate) but on the side of the kitchen where the stove ISN'T.  Does that make sense.  In my mind, the meat should defrost on a plate on the stove.

The girls art bin was a's a rolling drawer thing with three drawers and it was a mess.  So, I rolled it into the kitchen and cleaned it out.  Hubby just looked at me.

The playroom stresses me out. 

I look at the weather forecast the night before and pick out the girls clothes before they go to bed. 

My house is by no means antiseptic clean and tidy.  I wish it were.  But it's not.  And for the most part that doesn't bother me.   It's just

This is the main reason why hubby is hesitant to give the green light on baby #3. 

So call me what you may...controll freak, OCD, nut job, certifiable.

Edited to add that I MUST make the beds in the morning.  It completely stresses me out to go upstairs and see that the beds aren't made.


  1. I am the same way. I really hate to clean and don't get me started on dusting (YUCK) but every now and then, more now than then I go nuts over the way things are and clean. And I mean right now clean not "oh I should clean that later".
    Good to know I am not alone.

  2. Trying to Edit but I can't...the title should obviously say Nut Job not Nut Jub...

    and I forgot to mention the beds. The bed MUST be made EVERY Morning....or don't even get me started.