Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Mumblings

My precious kitty Smokey passed away this weekend.  He was about 17 years old.  My first "baby".  I will miss him terribly...tho I am happy to know he is resting peacefully now.

Came up with a brillant plan to put a door way into our attic in the garage at the top of the stairs on the second floor.  Can't wait to have that done.  Can't wait to see how long it will take.

My milk in my cereal tastes funny.

I don't want to be at work today.

I have 4 inch heels on today and I've forgotten how to walk in them.

Discussed the basement finishing this weekend.

Need new windows

If only money grew on trees.

Discussed the baby thing again.  No decision yet.

If a big decision is this difficult to make, does it mean it's not the right decision?

I look good today if I do say so myself.

My only quiet time this weekend was grocery shopping.

I need to clean

I can't find all of my Halloween decorations.

I actually told G this weekend "You don't have to love me, I'm your mother."

Have I mentioned that the milk in my cereal tastes funny?  Guess I won't be eating my cereal.

Today is a good day to go home and clean.

Or crawl back into bed and get some more sleep...except that I could never do that.

Tho it would be a good day to read a book.  What's a book?  I can't remember.  Oh wait, I read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom last night and If you give a pig a party.  Do they count?

Two more blog posts in the works but need to do some work.

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