Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have several posts in my head....the titles of which are written on a piece of paper.  Their titles are:

Control Freak
Forgive and Forget
Wasted Opportunities

I am too tired to write about them now.  I haven't slept well in the past few nights.  A was up crying until 10:45 last night.

Today was a busy day.  My friend Kelly came over to watch the girls around 10 so I could get my haircut and go to the warehouse store to replace the meat I lost when the freezer door didn't close all the way the other day.  After they left, I noticed that my Smokey Bear, my beloved cat of almost 17 years, isn't doing well.  He isn't walking well, he peed on the basement stairs.  I really thought today might be his last day with us.  I got upset...and started to cry.  G asked if Smokey was dying....what could I say?  I told her yes...he was.  I didn't think he'd die THIS minute but that we have to prepare ourselves that someday in the very near future, Smokey will die.  She started crying and I cried more. 

We had to leave to go to a birthday party.  A party I didn't want to go to.  A pool party on Sept 17.  Albeit, a heated pool but still.  I had made the decision that the girls weren't going to go in b/c G has a cold ( or allergies or something) but it was so hot there that I changed my mind.  There was also a moon bounce.  Needless to say, the girls had a BALL.

But I'm tired.  We got home, showered....and G and A are sleeping.  I've had my tea, I'm surfing the net, watching Art Wolfe Travels to the Edge.  I am getting ready for some ice cream and then possibly shower and then bed.

Tomorrow we are off to church..the girls to Sunday School and me to the staff the nursery.  We need to go to the library as well.

I need hubby to come home.  I'm tired.  VERY VERY VERY tired.

someday soon I will post on my other topics.

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